behrad toghi

I’m a former pro race driver working on my PhD to make cars driverless.


I am an EE PhD candidate advised by Dr. Yaser P. Fallah. Since May 2020, I am working as a visiting researcher at Stanford University hosted by Dr. Dorsa Sadigh and closely collaborating with Dr. Ramtin Pedarsani (UCSB). I work on enabling autonomous vehicles to cooperate with each other and interact with humans, particularly using deep reinforcement learning and statistical machine learning.

I had the chance to work at Mercedes-Benz R&D North America, Ford Motor Company R&D, and Sharif Uni. of Tech. on various automotive-related projects.

Earlier in my life before college, I developed a passion for astrophysics & cosmology which led to winning a Silver Medal in the International Science Olympiads (Beijing, China). Later on during college, I worked on building custom-built 4-wheel-drive race cars and raced as a professional rally driver (supported by GoPro and Sony) for a couple of years and won 5 national championships.





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